Buy Wholesale Seafood Directly from the Best Fisheries

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Buy Wholesale Seafood Directly from the Best Fisheries




wet shop
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Our Benefits

Find the Best Products

With powerful search options, you can find the products that match exactly what you need.

Seamless Delivery

With real-time tracking, you can follow the shipment of your order from the fisherman to your door.

Detailed Information

Details like the catch name, catchment region, notes from the fisherman, and seller rating ensure you can make an informed choice.

Buy on the Go!

With ShoreTrade available on iPhone, Android and the web, you'll have the flexibility to buy seafood no matter where you are.

A Single Simple Transaction Fee

No monthly fees

Pay by credit card or bank deposit

Secure transactions

Just pay for the product and delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to buy on ShoreTrade?

There is no joining, membership or monthly fees with ShoreTrade. Simply browse the marketplace and when you find something you like, you just pay for the product and delivery.

What do I need to sign up?

The signing process is simple, all you need is your business name, ABN, banking details and address. Our team will review your application before you can start browsing and buying from our seafood marketplace.

What is the smallest quantity I can buy?

The minimum quantity varies between every product and is determined by the seller.

How do I buy on ShoreTrade?

First you’ll need to sign up for a buyers account. To ensure buyers and sellers are protected, your account is reviewed and will go into pending for approval. Accounts are usually approved within 24 hours. Then you can start browsing and buying quality seafood from the best fisheries.

What are the payment options to purchase seafood on ShoreTrade?

You’ll have the option to pay by credit card with a 2.5% surcharge or you can add credit to your ShoreTrade account via bank transfer (no surcharge).

How does delivery work?

You’ll have the option to choose to deliver your products to the airport or deliver to your door. All logistics are handled by ShoreTrade to get your products to your desired location as safely as possible.

Are you cheaper than the fish markets?

Prices are determined by the seller. Depending on market trends, prices will vary due to seasonality and it will shift depending on supply and demand.

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