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Simplifying and shortening the global seafood supply chain

Leading global seafood marketplace, connecting buyers and sellers for fish.

World leading technology

ShoreTrade has been awarded as one of Australia's fastest growing technology business, revolutionising the seafood supply chain. Its application has been built by industry for industry, seamlessly connecting cross border trade and injecting much needed traceability and provenance into the industry.

Facilitating exports in multiple countries

ShoreTrade has opened up the global market for Australia's top producers, fishers and aquaculture farms. It's open marketplace, reverse market place and Aquafuture listings ensures the best price is achieved for sellers. Data rich analytics and market data allows for better buying and selling decisions to be made, ensuring a more sustainable approach to fishing habits and for a reason not a season.

Full export services connecting 50+ countries globally. USA, China, EU, South East Asia and Oceania are key trading areas, connecting thousands of sellers to buyers globally.

Powering the largest seafood market in the Southern Hemisphere

In a ground breaking deal with the Sydney Fish Markets, ShoreTrade and its application is at the centre of digitising one of the largest fish markets in the world. ShoreTrade, via SFMBLUE, is enabling the Sydney Fish Markets to facilitate trades across Australia and New Zealand.

ShoreTrade aims to connect all global fish markets via its leading technology, changing the way seafood gets traded and bringing the worlds best product to coutries across the globe.

ShoreFreight providing real time end-to-end cold chain solutions

ShoreFreight is a market leading cold chain solution within the ShoreTrade application, presenting real time options for buyers at check out. Offering air, road and sea freight options in real time, allows for buyers to assess when they will receive product, with full traceability via scanning records, powered by ShoreTrade's native barcode scanning app.

ShoreFreight is bring much needed visability to the seafood supply chain.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to sign up?

All you’ll need are your basic business and contact details and you're ready to go! Your application will be reviewed, with approvals usually taking 24 hours. Once approved, you’ll have the power to browse and buy seafood from some of the best fisheries at your fingertips.

Does it cost anything to have a Buyer Account on ShoreTrade?

There are no joining or account fees on ShoreTrade. Simply pay for the products you purchase and any associated delivery costs.

Are there as many products as the fish markets and are the prices similar?

There are hundreds of approved product types to be sold on ShoreTrade. Availability of these products will depend on Sellers’ supply, seasonality and other market factors. Prices are set by the Seller and will also vary due to the above factors.

What are the payment options to purchase seafood on ShoreTrade?

You can pay by Credit Card (Fees Apply) or your Account Credit. Coming soon are Buy Now, Pay Later services and our own financing solution through ShorePay - An Industry leading financing tool, designed and tailored for the seafood industry.

How does delivery work?

ShoreTrade has an integrated end-to-end cold chain logistics system. Multiple delivery options will be presented at checkout with estimated delivery dates for you to choose from. Once your order is on the way, we'll send you real time updates on it's delivery status.

Can other staff members be added to an account?

Other staff members can transact on your behalf with a Linked Account, which you’ll be able to easily create with an approved Buyer account. They have separate logins and different permissions to you, but you can read up on the specifics from within your Buyer account.

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